If you have ever wondered where architects source those dramatic fireplaces and stoves, look no further, Focus is the go-to design manufacturer for these outstanding centrepieces. Focus remains where it began life, in the medieval village of Viols-le-Fort in the south of France, where its founder Dominique Imbert reinvented the contemporary fireplaces as we know them.  Now these daring fires are available throughout the UK.


Focus fireplaces combine beauty and brains, function and form to create a range of more than 64 designs for inside and outside. A large number of Focus models come in either wood-burning or gas versions, with a choice of finishes and colours allowing individual customisation to complement customer projects.


The Focus collection includes ceiling, wall, built-in and outdoor fireplaces which look equally at home in a broad range of spaces from houses to hotels, from lofts to bungalows, barns to beach dwellings and so much more. There is a world of possibility.

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