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A Land Where Legends Are Born

Dovrefjell is home to Europe's last wild reindeer herds and is the natural habitat for many rare plants and animals, such as muskox. This 90 m2 observation pavilion designed by architects Snøhetta

was commissioned by the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Foundation. Located on the edge of the mountain range which separates north and south Norway, it is in the foothills of the Snøhetta Mountain - a special area where legendary Norse mythology and folkloric tales have been made.

The steel and glass box exterior contrasts with the soft organic layered interior that welcomes visitors. A place to gather and watch the wildlife from the comfort of this warm space. With a classic pivoting Gyrofocus chimney, a handcrafted steel design from French fireplace company Focus, it offers 360º heat and respite from the wild landscape


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