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Cabin Fever

Energy saving inspiration from Australia🇦🇺 Our client Focus is used to working with some of the world’s leading architects, designing innovative and inspiring architecture that challenge our perception of small space living. This project designed by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects gives a whole new meaning to the term log cabin.

Western Victoria is 🇦🇺Australia's biggest state and best known for its spectacular landscapes and this project maximises the best nature has on offer. Located on this wild coast of Western Victoria is this seaside cabin which has won numerous awards for its original design that respect the environment and embraces the elements.

The compact 60-square-metre cabin optimises space to accommodate all the needs of a small family while reducing energy consumption. The timber exterior of spotted gum (a type of eucalyptus) protects the cabin from wind and rain, while allowing for natural movement in changing conditions. The shutters can be opened to provide ventilation, light and a breath-taking ocean view. For the living area, the architects chose a suspended, pivoting Bathyscafocus as the central feature.

This fireplace, designed by Dominique Imbert, can be suspended so that it pivots, or can be fixed on a base. The flue and other parts are made to measure. Available in different finishes: matt black (standard) or white (optional for indoor version) Also available as outdoor version

Architects: Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Photographer: Jeremy Weihrauch Gollings Studio


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