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Going Next level with EeStairs

1m2™️ Stairs - The World’s first angled spiral staircase

Easy to install, compact stairs for small space living

The ultra-compact 1m2™️ angled spiral stairs is designed specifically for small spaces by engineers and metal experts at EeStairs, one of the world’s leading feature stairs specialists. It is the perfect solution where space is limited and it is is available to order online through an easy-to-use configurator.

Remarkably, the 1m2™️ stairs only needs one square metre of space on floors and ceilings. Its crisp contemporary design and extensive colour options make it an extremely attractive focal-point for the of tightest spaces.

Design quality is matched by strength and innovation. The 1m2™️ staircase is precision-made in steel and features a unique column-and-handrail design in which the column is slightly slanted, which is what makes the 1m2™️ stairs so compact and secure.

The 1m2™️ has rapidly become a bestseller with demand increasing year on year. This model is perfectly suited to a range of projects from historic houses, to modern apartments and tiny homes.

Comfort and safety make the difference

The 1m2™️ can be installed in a jiffy, using two or three screws. It is the perfect alternative to a detachable ladder, while offering comfort and safety thanks to its solid steel structure and black rubber anti-slip plugs on each step. EeStairs has developed this solution based on its extensive experience as a staircase designer. It is a unique feature of the Dutch brand, which makes around 98% of its staircases to measure for architects around the world. EeStairs, which is used to fabricating breathtaking one-off pieces, is happy to take on the challenge of mastering its craft even on a very small scale.


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