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On Fire

Cosy-ing up beside a roaring fire is one of life’s simple pleasures during the mid-winter chill. It’s an early human instinct that shows no sign of abating. If anything, it’s gaining in popularity, as we realise that whilst radiators and underfloor heating do a great job in keeping us warm, a glowing fire adds atmosphere and ambience to our homes. In addition, a statement fireplace provides a stylish focal point to a room whether on or off. Focus Fires founder, Dominique Imbert, realised this and captured the design world’s attention fifty years ago with the first suspended 360º pivoting fireplace, the revolutionary and award-winning Gyrofocus. 

DEFRA Approval

Contemporary Slimfocus, DEFRA approved fireplace from Focus
This Slimfocus is DEFRA approved

The latest Slimfocus is DEFRA approved and is suitable for low-energy buildings. It’s the first suspended wood-burning fireplace with a sealed fire appliance, which draws air for combustion through a balanced flue system. Equally, it can be installed in traditional or rural homes with an open flue system. As with other Focus models, Slimfocus can be suspended or standing, fixed or pivoted, gas or wood-burning. Revolutionary in its streamlined profile, the steel periscope of flames takes up little space. It can be positioned centrally in a room, near a wall or in a corner. “The inspiration for Slimfocus came from the idea of beauty in the most minimalist of shapes,” says Dominique Imbert. “How ‘much’ less can be so much more.”


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