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Re-make, Re-model, Re-imagine

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Paul Kelley launching a new range of Memphis-inspired furniture at Design London

Paul Kelley presents Re-make, Re-model, Re-imagine. A collection of his international award-winning design pieces reworked using Abet Laminati's amazing palette of surface colours and textures. Work on show includes Paul Kelley's magnetic cubes with exclusive new finishes by Milan-based fashion designer Arthur Arbesser plus a range of new storage also finished with Abet Laminati Sottsass-inspired surfaces.


Paul’s magnetic cubes have become his best-selling design which was originally exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2016 and 2017. These are no ordinary cubes. They have an extra strong magnetic surface on all sides and can be used to create modular furniture, screens or artworks. These are functional and versatile with a satisfying aesthetic. Customers can create their own designs allowing their imagination to run free.

Paul Kelley explains his inspiration “After seeing a show about the Memphis Group in Milton Keynes in August of 2021 I decided that I really needed to get involved with the company that supplied their laminates, Abet Laminati. It was also at the time when I was starting to develop my magnetic copper cube range.” The new cubes use Abet Laminati - the original surface suppliers to the Memphis Design Group in Italy. Abet is showcasing a new range of textured and patterned surface designs, WHIMSY, by the Italian fashion designer Arthur Arbesser. Paul will use both these and the contrasting bold and bright Memphis-type surfaces, as he explains “I want to explore expressive colours and textures on minimum forms to develop the Cube collections further.”

Paul Kelley's magnetic cubes allow you to connect them in all directions. Strong enough to hold together yet simple enough to pull apart so that you can use your imagination to create different design modules - construct a table, a chair, storage unit, or even some steps, it is the easiest thing to do. According to Paul “Changing furniture daily with the same cubes can offer endless possibilities and the perfect solution for a new generation of renters, homeowners and workspace specifiers."

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