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Welcome to the new world of fire

Heading to EquipHotel in Paris next week? Then take the opportunity to meet our client Focus and the team. They will be showcasing their latest fireplaces specifically designed for the hospitality sector.

In addition to its wood-burning and gas fireplaces, FOCUS now offers its iconic design in a third option: electric. With its extraordinarily realistic virtual fire, the HOLOGRAPHIK® heralds a new era in fireplaces, opening new possibilities to feature fire in living spaces. A 3D holographic system generates lifelike flames that play over naturalistic ceramic logs to create a pure fire experience. The hearth of the suspended ERGOFOCUS and BATHYSCAFOCUS pivots 80°, allowing the fire to be enjoyed from every angle.

6-10 November 2022, 9am-5pm

Hall 7.3 Stand B37


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